Your donation will help us protect lands that are highly valuable to water speculators near the base of Sisnaajini (Mount Blanca). In recent years Diné (Navajo) People have been reclaiming space there. A local land owner supported us in building a traditional hoghan so we could do ceremony at the mountain again. This land owner, who has graciously offered her land for this cultural renaissance, is at risk of losing a portion of land that has natural springs and streams. Although she is non-native, we want to assist her in holding onto this land because she protects it in a good way for us as Diné People. She has been a caretaker of these lands with great integrity and generosity and has opened it to any and every Diné person who wants to do traditional ceremonies at Sisnaajini, our Eastern Sacred Mountain. With the hemp industry booming in colorado, this land is at risk of being subsumed for commercial purposes. We would like it to remain in her hands so that we can continue to pray at these springs and take care of the land. Someday, she hopes to work with Diné people to transfer ownership of the land completely to Indigenous Nations. 

Sisnaajini, Sacred Mountain to Many Indigenous Nations (Mount Blanca, Colorado)

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